• Stay at your hotel for one month, in any country in the world
  • Professional photo shoot of the hotel
  • Creation of hotel website
  • Programming of complex services on the website
  • Training


All the conditions specified in this rider will be written into the contract that we will conclude prior to my departure for your hotel. To acquaint yourself with the legal procedures regarding the conclusion of the contract and procedures governing our interaction, please read here.

Some of the terms and conditions can be discussed or changed during negotiations.

  1. Airplane ticket included (in some packages you should pay for one economy class air ticket with no additional services. I will choose the airline).
  2. You should arrange all airport-hotel transfers.
  3. I will stay in your hotel in a room that is not the cheapest standard room, but instead in a medium-level double room.
  4. The room should have a standard, simple table, which it is comfortable to sit in front of.
  5. The room should have a standard, simple chair (not an armchair), in which it is comfortable to sit in front of the table.
  6. One or two people will stay in the room — sometimes I travel with my assistant who helps me with the photo shoots and website layout (I will pay for her airplane ticket).
  7. You should provide «All-inclusive» meals. If your hotel does not have an All-inclusive arrangement, you should book free breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the hotel restaurant (or make alternative arrangements).
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY. Unlimited high-speed Internet is required. It should be available in the hotel room, (and not in the lobby, a separate room or an Internet centre, but right in the hotel room). If your hotel does not provide Internet access to rooms, you need to find out if it is possible to secure a high-speed Internet connection through a mobile operator in your country (all countries have mobile operators that offer Internet access). If it transpires after my arrival that there are Internet access problems, I will have to leave after photographing the hotel and develop the website at home.
  9. You need to designate a responsible employee that I will maintain contact with to arrange photo shoots in the hotel, restaurants, various rooms and plan the photo shoot schedule. We will expect hotel staff to assist with photo shoots of rooms that have been make to look smart, restaurant dishes, etc.
  10. If you want to arrange for photo shoots of different locations in your country, you should arrange for a tour or transfer.
  11. You should guarantee the protection of all the equipment that I bring against theft (two notebooks, an external drive, a professional camera, camera lenses, lighting equipment for the photo shoot). This equipment is worth a total of USD 12,000. This point on guarantees and insurance will be included in the contract.

In general I work with major four and five star hotels. Therefore I will do my best to make maximum use of state-of-the-art technical functions and programs on your website.

USD 10,000
Package 1 (Basic)
USD 12,000
Package 2 (Extended)
USD 18,000
Package 3 (Extra)
USD 3,000
Package 4 (Photos only)
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