• Stay at your hotel for one month, in any country in the world
  • Professional photo shoot of the hotel
  • Creation of hotel website
  • Programming of complex services on the website
  • Training
USD 10,000

Airplane ticket included

3 weeks in the hotel

A 50% upfront payment is required to book my services

PACKAGE 1 (Basic)

Arrival at your hotel, completion of the work in three weeks, while staying at the hotel.

By the time of my departure from the hotel, you will receive a complete website ready to go live, including a design executed in your hotel’s style, a range of handy programming functions, and hundreds of professional photographs of your hotel.


Professional photo shoots:

  • Minimum of 500−1,000 photos
  • Photography of hotel grounds, all the rooms, restaurants and bars 
  • Beautiful night-lit photographs of the hotel
  • Staged photo shoots of restaurant dishes
  • Photographs of your country and its most beautiful locations
  • Processing, clean-up, colour correction and the retouching of photographs for use in brochures and advertising

Development of the website design:

  • Development of a beautiful design for the website tailored to the design style of your hotel
  • User-friendly and understandable navigation
  • Usability
  • Full compatibility and identical display in browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome
  • Verification that it is fully compatible with W3C standards

Website programming:

  • User-friendly management system — you can easily make changes to the website, without requiring any specialist skills or needing to study technologies! (the price of the program is included in the cost of the package)
  • Catalogue of hotel rooms, including details and photographs
  • Different prices for rooms depending on seasons
  • Catalogue of all hotel services, price lists for additional services
  • Automatic simultaneous implementation of price discounts or mark-ups
  • Automatic updating of the website menu when you add new pages
  • Automatic photo gallery — you simply need to upload photographs
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails of photographs that you have uploaded
  • Automatic enlargement of a photograph by mousing over the thumbnail
  • Automatic «watermark» on all photographs on the website, to protect against theft by competitors
  • Comments book and guest book for hotel clients
  • News feeds or RSS feeds of hotel events
  • Top 5 hotel news stories
  • Interactive world map, including location of the hotel and sightseeing attractions
  • Rotation of your promotions on all the website pages
  • Site search
  • Automatic site map generation
  • Hotel booking form submitted to you by e-mail
  • Feedback form 
  • Visitor hit counter and statistics
  • Efficient internal layout designed for successful registration in web search systems

Important! Unique programs provide unique functionality for you:

  • A tool that allows you to publish instantly your website content on thousands of websites of the travel agencies that you use. You will never have to e-mail them photos again — your «mini-sites» will be automatically accessible on the web pages of each agency!
    Your partner (travel agency or operator) will simply need to install a couple of program files on their website, descriptions selected by you, from within the agency’s website! As soon as you change your prices, photos or texts on you website, everything about your hotel on the web pages of thousands of travel changes will also instantly change.

Website hosting:

  • Registration and configuration of hosting
  • Installation of the website and setup
  • Domain name registration (where necessary)

Training and consulting advice:

  • Training on website management, the addition of new texts and pages, publication of new photographs, etc.
  • Consulting advice, assistance and support after completion of the work

In general I work with major four and five star hotels. Therefore I will do my best to make maximum use of state-of-the-art technical functions and programs on your website.


Limitations of this package:

  • Number of separate facilities for photo shoots (restaurants, bars, casino, etc.), apart from the hotel, maximum of four. If your hotel has more than four restaurants and similar facilities, you'll need the next-level package.
  • This package does not include:
    • Creation of a website for a hotel chain, including the opportunity to select from one of several hotels accessible on the website
    • Creation of hotel logo 
    • Display of the website in several languages other than English
    • Content population on all pages of the website or catalogue. Using the management system, you are able to freely change or add any amount of text without requiring specialist skills
    • Connection to credit card payment system
    • Connection to booking system
    • Currency converter, display of all prices on the website in the currency selected by the user 
    • Subscription of visitors to a mailing list 
    • Registration of website users, password access, «Study» for the user, personal password access, concealment of certain pages or sections by password


I never provide the following services for websites:

  • Flash or other similar animation on a website
  • Video-clips or 3D−tours round the website
  • Creation of a robust hotel room reservation system on the website, where the number of available rooms is indicated at any specific moment in time. Booking is a complex and expensive program, and the operation of such a robust system should be integrated with your room accounting system. This is a very complex and expensive process
  • I will not train you or your colleagues on how to use a computer or use the internet. The staff responsible for overseeing the website in future should have a minimum level of computer literacy
USD 10,000
Package 1 (Basic)
USD 12,000
Package 2 (Extended)
USD 18,000
Package 3 (Extra)
USD 3,000
Package 4 (Photos only)
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