• Stay at your hotel for one month, in any country in the world
  • Professional photo shoot of the hotel
  • Creation of hotel website
  • Programming of complex services on the website
  • Training
USD 12,000

Airplane ticket included

4 weeks in the hotel

A 40% upfront payment is required to book my services

PACKAGE 2 (Extended)

Arrival at your hotel, completion of work over four weeks while staying at the hotel.

By the time of my departure from the hotel, you will receive a complete website ready to go live, including design executed in your hotel’s style, a range of convenient programming functions, and hundreds of professional photographs of your hotel. The website will include work based on the additional functionality that you have selected.


Package 2 (Extended) includes all the work of Package 1 (Basic):

  • Professional photo shoots
  • Development of website design
  • Website programming
  • Unique programs – unique functionality for you 
  • Website hosting
  • Training and consulting advice

Plus additional expanded functionality

Choose any TWO points from the list below:

  • Number of separate facilities for the photo shoot (restaurants, bars, casinos, etc.) other than the actual hotel, not more than six 
  • Display of the website in several languages (not more than three languages)
  • Content population on all website pages or catalogue (subject to the provision of texts)
  • Currency converter, display of all prices on the website in the currency chosen by the user 
  • Subscription of website visitors to a mailing list

In general I work with major four and five star hotels. Therefore I will do my best to make maximum use of state-of-the-art technical functions and programs on your website.


Limitations of this package:

  • (If not selected on top) Number of separate facilities for photo shoots (restaurants, bars, casino, etc.), apart from the hotel, maximum of six. If your hotel has more than six restaurants and similar facilities, you'll need the next-level package.
  • This package does not include:
    • Creation of a website for a hotel chain, including the opportunity to select from one of several hotels accessible on the website
    • Creation of hotel logo 
    • (If not selected on top) Display of the website in several languages other than English
    • (If not selected on top) Content population on all pages of the website or catalogue. Using the management system, you are able to freely change or add any amount of text without requiring specialist skills
    • Connection to credit card payment system
    • Connection to booking system
    • (If not selected on top) Currency converter, display of all prices on the website in the currency selected by the user 
    • (If not selected on top) Subscription of visitors to a mailing list 
    • Registration of website users, password access, «Study» for the user, personal password access, concealment of certain pages or sections by password


I never provide the following services for websites:

  • Flash or other similar animation on a website
  • Video-clips or 3D−tours round the website
  • Creation of a robust hotel room reservation system on the website, where the number of available rooms is indicated at any specific moment in time. Booking is a complex and expensive program, and the operation of such a robust system should be integrated with your room accounting system. This is a very complex and expensive process
  • I will not train you or your colleagues on how to use a computer or use the internet. The staff responsible for overseeing the website in future should have a minimum level of computer literacy
USD 10,000
Package 1 (Basic)
USD 12,000
Package 2 (Extended)
USD 18,000
Package 3 (Extra)
USD 3,000
Package 4 (Photos only)
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